Electron thermal processing equipment bv

Electron Thermal Processing Equipment is a major player and technology leader, with more than 25 years’ experience in providing turnkey heat treatment and diffusion coating solutions.

Fluoride Ion cleaning furnace, Diffusion coating furnaces, Heat recovery, Thermal Oxidizers, Industrial furnaces, Pyrolysis furnaces

Thermal Oxidizers Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal Oxidizers

Pyrolysis furnaces Pyrolysis furnaces

Batch pyrolysis furnace, Continuous pyrolysis furnace, Flue gas treatment

Heat recovery Heat recovery

Electron provides a few different type heat recovery systems for the transferring of energy: Double tube heat exchanger; Shell and tube heat exchanger; Pillow plate heat exchanger; Fluid heat exchanger

Fluoride Ion cleaning furnaces Fluoride Ion cleaning furnaces

furnaces are used for the effective removal of protective oxides from the surface of high-strength Superalloys.

Diffusion coating furnaces Diffusion coating furnaces

Diffusion coatings are applied to improve the oxidation and corrosion resistance of Superalloys.

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